El templat etymologically means "the most beautiful, the most noteworthy". Such as El Templat Castelló's Gourmet's products: a careful selection of the best cuisine in the province of Castellón, faithful to the expertise of our ancestors and only selecting the best ingredients from our fields. El Templat's products satisfy the most demanding and modern palates, sensitive to the complex simplicity of artisan food that brings culinary tradition together with the distinction inherent to gourmet cuisine.

A great part of the variety of flavours and textures offered by El Templat's range of products is due to the Mediterranean climate enjoyed by the province of Castellón. The mild temperatures year-round enhance the virtues of extraordinarily fertile soil, ideal for the cultivation of products belonging to the Mediterranean diet, recognised world-wide for its variety and positive effects on our health.

El Templat offers wines, oils, marmalades, dried fruits and cheeses of superior quality, prepared from the produce of the best fields in the province of Castellón. El Templat is knowing how to choose, promoting the avant-garde without forgetting the origin and thousand-year-old tradition of the flavours of our land.